Band The Ninth Wave appealing for help after having “entire life's work” stolen from tour van parked in Leeds car park

A band are appealing for the public’s help after having their “entire life's work” stolen from their tour van parked in the centre of Leeds.

By Daniel Sheridan
Friday, 7th June 2019, 8:24 am
The van which was raided by thieves,
The van which was raided by thieves,

The Ninth Wave, a Scottish band who were playing at popular venue The Wardrobe on Wednesday night, had six MacBooks and expensive personal items stolen from the van between 11.25am and 11.35am on June 6th.

The van was parked in the Edward Street car park in Leeds at the time of the theft, the band said.

Posting on Facebook, the band said: “We’ve had our van broken into from EDWARD ST CAR PARK in LEEDS, where all of our bags were stolen including 6 MacBooks and many expensive personal items.

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“Luckily they didn’t steal any of our instruments, but our entire lives and work (new songs / demos / lyrics) are all now gone.

“The vehicle involved was a BROWN VAUXHALL ZAFIRA, and the theft took place some time between 11.25am to 11.35am.

“If anybody can help us at all by keeping an eye out on local buy & sell groups and sharing this post around, this would mean everything to us.

“Thank you.”

The theft comes after a spate of similar incidents in recent months.

In April, musician Graeme Law, 30, was left bereft when his vibraphone and stick bag were stolen in the same Edward Street car park before being later sold at Cash Converters.

A Thin Lizzy tribute act's van and gear worth £30,000 was also stolen in April from a Leeds street.

In February, Band Palace also had their van stolen while playing a gig at Belgrave Music Hall which had been parked in the centre of Leeds.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

Anyone with information about the theft or the whereabouts of the laptops is being asked to contact police.

The band posted an update on social media this morning which read: “Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support you have given us since yesterday’s incident.

“We are so humbled by all the love you’ve shown and it really touches our heart that there are so many lovely kind hearted people out there like yourselves.

“We’ve set up a go fund me page to help us get at least one laptop back between us, meaning that we can continue in our careers and not let the thieves stop us from doing what we love!

“Even the smallest of donations would help us out.”

To donate, visit: