Armley fly-tipper caught on CCTV dumping rubbish on street and driving away

A fly-tipper was caught on CCTV dumping rubbish on a street in Armley before driving away.

By Rebecca Marano
Saturday, 5th October 2019, 6:00 am
CCTV footage of a man fly-tipping in Armley. Photo provided by Shane Walker.
CCTV footage of a man fly-tipping in Armley. Photo provided by Shane Walker.

A white car can be seen driving onto Station Way, near to the industrial estate, before coming to a stop.

The man, who can is seen wearing a jacket with the hood up and orange trousers, then empties a white bag from his car boot onto the ground.

He then gets back in the car and drives off.

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The rubbish is dumped on Station Way. Photo: Google.

Shane Walker, 40, who is the manager of Maxolen, a car parts business on the estate, captured the incident on CCTV.

Mr Walker, from Bramley, said that this is not an isolated incident of fly-tipping in the area.

He said: "Fly-tipping is a frequent occurrence around here. It's been an ongoing problem for years and we get a spate of it every few months.

"We have to shift it before we can even open, and it's often dumped over a weekend, which means we're faced with clearing someone else's junk on a busy Monday morning.

"Sometimes it's easier, like in this case it was just garden waste which we can shift quickly with a forklift, but sometimes we can spend a lot of time clearing it.

"We've spent more than four hours sorting through some of the things that have been dumped here in the past."

Mr Walker has seen a whole host of things illegally dumped outside the industrial estate.

These include a dozen fridge freezers, stripped bathrooms, commercial waste, stripped motors and parts, three-piece suites and bags and bags of rubbish - often with bills inside with people's full names and addresses on.

Mr Walker hopes that sharing the CCTV footage will make people stop fly-tipping in the area.

He said: "There's plenty of people out there with licenses and there is also a tip about three miles from here.

"I hope by posting the CCTV people realise there are cameras around and stop doing it."

Leeds Council are investigating the incident.

A council spokesperson said: “Leeds City Council is investigating this case of flytipping and West Yorkshire Police are also aware.

"Flytipping is a criminal offence which can be punished by up to five years’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine.

"Anyone carrying out waste crime, including flytipping, should be fully aware that we will do everything we can to stamp out this reckless and unacceptable behaviour.”

The nearest legitimate recycling site to Station Way is 3.5 miles away - the Pudsey household recycling centre on Richardshaw Road.

Other fly-tipping incidents across Leeds can be reported on the council website here.