'A sustained and sinister assault': 16-year-old boy stabbed his girlfriend in the leg and humiliated her when she refused to have sex with him

A teenage boy stabbed his girlfriend in the leg and humiliated her during a violent assault after she refused to have sex with him.

Saturday, 24th July 2021, 4:45 am

A Judge described the attack by the 16-year-old as 'a sinister assault' with 'sexual undertones'

Leeds Crown Court heard disturbing details of how the attack took place at a flat in Wakefield.

Phillip Storey, prosecuting, said the defendant and the girl had been in a long-term relationship and he had been violent towards her throughout.

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Leeds Crown Court

At the time of the attack he was on bail following an allegation that he had attacked the girl previously.

The couple smoked cannabis before going to bed but the defendant woke up at 2.45am and became aggressive when he saw that she was texting another male.

The boy, who cannot be identified because of his age, demanded to have sex with the victim.

He punched her on the arm when she refused and took out a knife.

The boy placed the knife on a bedside cabinet before walking towards the kitchen.

He told her she had until he returned to get undressed.

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He grabbed the knife from beside the bed, pushed her down onto the bed and started to undress her.

Mr Storey said: "She was crying and screaming."

The girl curled up into a ball as the boy told her to take off her clothes or he would stab her.

Mr Storey said the girl took off her clothes but the defendant "changed tack" and told her he wasn't interested any more.

He threatened to cut himself before ordering her to get on the bed.

The boy threw the weapon at her but it missed and bounced off a wall.

He punched the cabinet, picked up the weapon then held the blade against her skin, saying: "No one will miss you if I stabbed you."

He then attacked her with the knife. The blade cut through her leggings and went into her skin.

The girl fought back and punched the defendant.

He said: "Why do you make me do this to you?"

She ran from the flat and called her mum when the boy went into the bathroom.

The teenager was arrested and denied attacking the girl, claiming she had inflicted the wound herself.

He pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding.

The prosecutor added: "She suffers from anxiety and is terrified of the defendant. Matters have been made worse by the defendant's family stalking her on social media and in person."

She said in a victim statement: "I just want them all to leave me alone."

Caroline Abraham, prosecuting, said the teenager pleaded guilty to the offence at an early stage.

Ms Abraham said her client, now aged 17, had had a difficult upbringing and suffered from anxiety and mental health issues.

She added: "That relationship, he understands, was deeply toxic and it is not something he plans to revisit."

The barrister urged Recorder Darren Preston to consider imposing a community-based punishment because of the defendant's young age so work can be done to prevent him reoffending.

The defendant was made the subject of a 12-month youth rehabilitation order.

He must also take part in a six-month 'intensive supervision and surveillance requirement'.

"You were an aggressive, controlling bully.

"Domestic violence is not some lesser form of violence.

"It is more serious because the victim is made to feel worthless, consumed with worry and is constantly on edge about what you would do next.

"Your violence had sexual undertones."

Imposing the sentence, he said: "It seems to me that it is better not only for you but for society that you get some treatment for your problems.

"Being constantly locked up for the rest of your life will do you no good and society no good.

"This is an opportunity to respond, react and change. Please take it."