Creating new community at forge site

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The new community being created at the site of a historic ironworks at Kirkstall is being boosted by an on-site deli and bar which will also provide some concierge services to future residents.

The new venture, called ‘Butlers, in a nod to the site’s former owners, has just opened and is being operated by newly established contract catering firm, Eat & Best.

Located within the flagship Number One Kirkstall Forge building at the £400m development, Butlers will serve the 1,000 employees within the first set of offices, rail users, visitors and the future residential community.

During the day it will be a deli and a bar concept in the evening.

It is hoped a doorstep delivery service will be introduced for residents in the future and there will also be a ‘Click and Collect’ for the Butler’s restaurant ​and hospitality menu and dry cleaning for residents and office workers.

CEG is leading the development of the 57 acre venture and Paul Richardson, investment manager said: “We could have filled the concession for Butlers many times over with the national chains but we wanted a strong independent food offer that was equally distinctive and trend setting as the site itself.

“Dine has a strong Leeds pedigree and worked closely with us to create something different for the community to enjoy day and night.”

Kirkstall Forge was founded as a monastic forge in the 13th Century, by the monks of the adjacent Kirkstall Abbey.

For six generations from 1779, management of the forge was in the hands of Butler family which created an engineering arm in 1891. It made railway wheel axles and wagons, before becoming one of the largest manufacturers of motor axles in the country.