Couple organise wedding for beloved garden gnomes

PIC: John Clifton
PIC: John Clifton
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Pontefract couple Maureen and Stanley Cook organised a wedding-style ceremony for their beloved garden gnomes Gladys and George.

The couple were given Gladys the gnome as a Christmas present from their son in 2013.


They then spotted George at a garden centre last year and couldn’t resist buying Gladys a garden companion.

Mrs Cook said: “They had been happily sat together in our garden and we decided as a bit of fun to plan a wedding for them.

“My brother dressed up as the priest and my sister was bridesmaid. We had a proper little service in the garden to marry them and we gave her a ring on a ribbon around her neck. There was a cake and a party with our family and friends. We did laugh, it was great fun.”

But just weeks after the ceremony, the beloved gnomes were taken from Mr and Mrs Cook’s garden.

Mrs Cook said: “We returned from a holiday and the gnomes weren’t there. We were gutted and initially phoned the police.

“But a few days later, ‘Gladys’ befriended me on Facebook and her profile had a picture of her and George at an airport. Then another one appeared of them on a beach.

“We hadn’t a clue who had done it but we did laugh. They both appeared on our doorstep a few days later with a present for us. It must have been their honeymoon.”