Countdown to epic challenge

Bob Bowman, director of operations at Leeds Rhinos Foundation.
Bob Bowman, director of operations at Leeds Rhinos Foundation.
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The countdown has begun to the start of an epic challenge to complete 10 marathons in as many days.

Five men from Yorkshire have pledged to raise thousands of pounds for disadvantaged youngsters by running the same marathon every day for 10 days around England’s longest lake, Windermere.

The Brathay ‘10in10’ begins on May 12 as they fundraise for Brathay Trust, a youth charity which works in Leeds as well as other areas.

Bob Bowman, director of operations at Leeds Rhinos Foundation, intends to return to Leeds on foot making his 10in10 a 15 marathons in 15 days challenge. Bob, 50, hopes to raise £25,000 to fund both charities’ joint work in Leeds.

Tim Brown, 43, a senior civil servant at the Department of Health in Leeds and Kev Blackhurst, a 57-year-old ex-safety worker for Network Rail at Leeds City Station, will join Bob in the 10in10.

Also flying the flag for Yorkshire will be Mike Sprot, 37, chief financial officer for Jaywing plc in Sheffield, and Hull’s Richard Rex, 46, who works for Arco Ltd.

Brathay’s head of operations, Aly Knowles, said: “Training for one marathon is tough enough, but training for 10 that are not only back to back, but the same one every day is very hard. And on top of that there is the fundraising.

“We can’t thank our fabulous runners, their families, friends and supporters enough. We also hope that their ‘ordinariness’ inspires others to do something similar by looking into the runners’ backgrounds.”

The Yorkshire group will join five men and six women from around the UK in the 10in10, which is described as the UK’s ultimate endurance running event for non-athletes.