Councillor finds cannabis worth thousands on Leeds ‘community clean-up’

Lucinda Yeadon
Lucinda Yeadon
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A LEEDS councillor helping out in a community clean-up got a shock when she stumbled across three bin bags stuffed with cannabis plants.

Coun Lucinda Yeadon intially thought it was garden waste until the pungent smell emanating from the bags made her realise it was a different type of plant waste.

She discovered the bags dumped in some bushes on public land next to a road in the Burley area of Leeds.

Coun Yeadon, who represents the Kirkstall ward on Leeds City Council, quickly rang the police to alert them to her unexpected find.

When officers arrived on the scene to collect the haul, they told her the plants were worth as much as “a few thousand pounds”.

She said: “I think the police thought I was talking about a few small bags when I rang them.

“They got a bit of a shock when they turned up – they had to get a van down as well to take it all away. It looked as though the plants had been removed and dumped in a hurry, their roots still had clumps of soil hanging from them.”

The councillor added: “We have done quite a few of these clean-ups and we’d been wondering who would find the most unusual item. Somebody else had already come across a microwave, which we thought would be the winner – but I think it’s safe to say these plants took the honours!”

The community clean-up in the Stanmores and the neighbouring Beechwoods area was held on April 5 and organised by Burley Top Community Association.

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