Confusion prior to death of man in police cell


A prisoner died in custody after a nurse asked for him to be constantly monitored because of the risk of him having seizures, an inquest heard.

Adam Rice, an alcoholic and rough sleeper, died after being detained at Elland Road police station on May 12, 2014.

An inquest heard that the 46-year-old had been to Leeds General Infirmary with a suspected head injury the previous day, but had refused to have a scan and discharged himself.

He was then arrested for failing to answer bail and taken to Elland Road.

Custody sergeant Thomas Jones told the hearing in Wakefield that he would have tried to persuade Mr Rice to go back to hospital if he knew about his potential head injury. It was put to Sgt Jones that a nurse who examined Mr Rice wanted him to be continuously monitored because he was at risk of fitting. Sgt Jones said: “She never said, ‘continuous monitoring’, she said, ‘put him on CCTV’.”

The inquest also heard that one member of staff was seen talking to colleagues instead of looking at the CCTV monitor. The inquest continues.