Cone you believe it? Leeds woman is supermarket’s chief ice cream taster - and she says it’s the coolest job in the world!

Asda Ice Cream tester Louise Bamber. Pictures: Caters
Asda Ice Cream tester Louise Bamber. Pictures: Caters
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As the city basks in the summer sunshine and we all look for the ultimate refreshment, one Leeds woman could rightly claim to have the coolest job in the world!

Louise Bamber, 40, is chief ice cream taster and flavour researcher at Asda’s Leeds headquarters.



She tastes every new ice cream flavour before it goes on sale - and travels the world looking for new and inspiring trends.

Louise explained her first ever job was helping her Italian grandma serve ice cream in the family shop. “My grandparents were Italian and came over to England to set up their own ice cream shop when I was little,” said Louise.

“My first ever job was spent helping my Nana to serve the ice cream to hungry customers, so scooping for a living is literally in my blood!”

“I still can’t believe my luck when it comes to my job,” she adds.



“I love creating new and exciting ice cream flavours.

“I still get goosebumps when I see shoppers with one of my new inventions in their trolley.”

Louise tastes up to 200 ice cream flavours a year, ranging from a classic vanilla to weird and wonderful flavours like Korma curry and Black sesame and Wasabi.

Her dream flavour creations are the two just brought out by Asda, Bourbon Biscuit and Custard Cream ice creams.

She got the idea for the ice cream biscuits after visiting Chicago, where ice cream cookies are popular. “I thought why not try them with two British classics,” she said.

Louise spends much of her working time - when she’s not taste-testing - visiting suppliers’ factories to get ready for the busiest period of the year.

But her job isn’t over at the end of summer.

She said: “Even in the winter, eating ice cream every day doesn’t faze me, because our taste buds just tend to crave richer and creamy ice creams, as opposed to the icy fruit pops we choose in the summer.

“There is an ice cream for every season and I get to try them all – you can’t get cooler than that!”