Concern over wagon on Leeds road

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A Pudsey resident has raised concerns about a large wagon that has been left on a road side for weeks.

The Scania heavy goods vehicle has remained on Carlisle Road after a notice was issued for its removal.

Mark Hall, 62, of Littlemoor Road, is concerned about the vehicle’s lights not being on during the dark hours.

But the vehicle’s owner, Pedro Machado, who runs ProDanceFloors, said he is waiting for a mechanic to fix up the trailer and truck to remove them within the four-week period.

It has been used to store toys which he delivers to children in hospital, he said.

Mark Hall said: “I work really early shifts and drive past this wagon.

“Despite the requirement for lighting on a night, no lights are ever displayed on the vehicle.

“To my knowledge it has been there now for a period of nine weeks.

“Even when the local 
council resurfaced the road, it was moved 50 yards, down a side street, and as soon as the work was finished back it came.”

He added: “It’s just been left there. My wife ride horses and they’ve been having problems.”

The vehicle is also close to a bus stop, he said.

Mr Machado’s company provides dance floors for events, but he said he also helped to organise last week’s Pudsey Carnival and volunteers his time to deliver toys to children in hospital – which are stored in his trailer.

“I try to do good things in life.

“It seems I always get put in a negative light.”

He added: “We are going to move it as soon as the work’s finished. We’ve got three weeks,” he said.