Cold shoulder for bad callers in Leeds suburb

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Guiseley residents are on high alert for rogue doorstep traders after two new Cold Calling Control Zones were set up in the area.

There are already seven of the zones, which are funded by Leeds City Council and managed by the Outer North-West Community Committee, in Guiseley, which has been identified as a blackspot for unsolicited tradespeople.

Guiseley Neighbourhood Watch members have worked with Trading Standards, the police and housing associations to implement the zones in streets that have been targeted by doorstep criminals.

Chair Gary Hewitt said the scheme would help residents have the confidence to report rogue traders and deter them from visiting the area again.

“The overwhelming majority of the residents responded to say they wanted this initiative, and these zones give the residents the strength to stand up for themselves and to feel safer in their own homes”.

Many nuisance callers target victims they perceive as vulnerable, such as the elderly and those living alone.

Cold Calling Zones are being established across the city, and head of West Yorkshire Trading Standards David Lodge is backing the community-led projects to make a difference to doorstep offending rates.

“We will continue to support communities who find doorstep traders intimidating as well as a nuisance by implementing these zones. It sends a clear message to cold callers that they are not welcome.”

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