Cold and alone - the puppy dumped with £1 coin and a note

Left cold and alone, this puppy was abandoned with just a pound coin and a note, pleading with someone to call for help.

Thankfully, the 16-week old – who was tied to the gates of Bramley Park on New Year's Eve – was found in time and the call for help was answered by the Dogs Trust in Leeds.

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Now a loving new home is being sought for the brindle Lurcher-cross, who has aptly been named Eve by staff at the charity's York Road rehoming centre.

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Workers at the Dogs Trust say, despite her frightening experience, the puppy is in good health and is receiving lots of love and care.

Amanda Sands, centre manager at Dogs Trust Leeds, which is full to bursting with dogs needing homes, said: "Eve was found tied to the park gate by a passing dog walker.

"She was left with a note that said: "My owner cannot cope with me, please ring Dogs Trust 281-4920" and a pound coin, which we think someone may have left to cover the cost of a phone call.

"It really is very sad to see a puppy dumped in this fashion. We suspect she may have been an unwanted Christmas present but we don't know for sure and she wasn't microchipped so we can't trace her owner.


"We'd like to urge people struggling to look after their pets never to dump them as animal welfare charities like Dogs Trust will always do their best to help."

Amanda added: "Eve is beautiful and she's making lots of new friends here at the centre.

"We'll do everything we can to make sure she goes to a loving home."

Recent research from Dogs Trust revealed that one in five parents would still consider buying their child a dog for Christmas, even though most presents are discarded by their bored recipients after just four weeks.

Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, said: "Sadly there are still people out there who think pets are as disposable as Christmas wrapping paper.

"We're urging people to 'think life' before taking on a dog."

Anyone interested in rehoming Eve should contact Dogs Trust on 0113 281 4920 or visit the centre at Woodlands Farm in York Road.

Shilton Flynn.

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