Clean up after your dog in Leeds - we’re watching!

VOLUNTEERS HAVE become the eyes and ears of the council in a bid to try to punish dog owners who fail to clear up after their pets.

Tuesday, 16th June 2015, 9:40 am
PIC: Simon Hulme

The number of complaints about dog owners allowing their dogs to foul has surged - with almost 1,000 last year alone, but just 30 fixed penalty notices dished out to offenders.

Leeds Council’s new Garforth Dog Watch trial will operate along the lines of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme, asking civic-minded residents to make a note of dog owners who fail to pick up after their pets and provide the council with the details of offenders.

In order to be able to hand out the £75 fines for fouling, officers must either witness or have sufficient evidence that people have left their dogs’ mess behind - something that will now be gathered by the Dog Watch volunteers.

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Sally the dog helped launch the Garforth Dog Watch scheme at the Podger pub. Picture: Simon Hulme

Coun Mark Dobson, executive member for environmental protection and community safety, said it was time to try something new to deal with the city’s “perpetual poo problem”.

“Our officers can’t be everywhere all time and people may be more inclined to pick up after their pet if they know they are being watched by our eagle-eyed volunteers,” he said. “We want to stamp out dog fouling – not in it – so we’re testing out a new approach that will hopefully help us pursue more fouling offenders.”

Dog watch volunteer Ray Norcliffe said: “The issue of dog fouling issue is totally selfish, but I think bit by bit, little by little, the penny will drop if we have a campaign such as this.”

The Garforth Dog Watch Schem was launched at the Podger pub on Monday. Pictured is Coun Mark Dobson with Sally the Dog, and Sue Lomas, Eric Gale, Cliff Norcliffe, and dog warden Gavin Jarrett. Picture: Simon Hulme

The trial will run for around three months.


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