Clampdown on cars speeding in Leeds suburbs

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Residents should be able to cross the road from their homes safely.

That’s the stern message from councillors who are taking action with authorities in a bid to cut speeding on roads in South Leeds.

Coun Karen Bruce (Labour, Rothwell) says data shows cars routinely exceed the 40mph speed limit on Leeds Road and Wakefield Road, which passes between Rothwell, Woodlesford and Oulton.

Residents living nearby have raised concerns about the speeding, and the council is now creating a hardstanding refuge area for police cars to park and monitor speed levels of cars to tackle the issue.

Coun Bruce said: “The properties on either side of the these roads may pass by in a blur, but these are people’s homes. Crossing the road is local residents only way to get about, so they need to be able to do it safely and reasonably.

“The speed limit on the road is 40mph, but far too many cars ignore this and travel much faster. Everyone needs to understand that for the safety of local residents the speed limit should be adhered to.”

The proposed £4,000 hardstanding area will be funded by the Outer South Housing Advisory Panel and Leeds City Council’s Highways department.

Coun Bruce said it has been organised after working with Wakefield Road Residents Action Group, police and partnerships.

She added: “I’d like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and determination to find a solution.

“With the help of Leeds City Council’s highways department we have found a place to put hardstanding for monitoring vehicles. Now we’ve done this I hope the work can take place quickly to ensure drivers know not to break the law.”

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