Children dreaming of a write Christmas with magical stories about Santa Claus

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Around 100 children entered the Yorkshire Evening Post Christmas story-writing competition.

Sparkling stories and cracking Christmas tales came from youngsters of all ages - even as young as five.



We were so impressed with the quality of the entries during the Christmas period we will be publishing a selection in print and online as well as announcing the winner who will receive a £50 voucher to spend at Trinity Leeds.

For the festive competition we asked children to write a short story starting with the following paragraph:

Rosie snuggled up in her bed when she suddenly heard a noise, could it really be Father Christmas she thought? She looked out of the window.

Here are a selection of entries:

Layla Saunders, 6, Drighlington Primary School

I saw Santa and you would never guess, I saw couple of magical reindeers.

I was shocked so I got back into my covers and closed my eyes.

I fell straight asleep.

I woke up in the morning and woke mum and dad up, we all went downstairs and there were no presents.

I started to cry, I said Santa might have got stuck in the chimney but oh wait, I saw him last night so they all rushed outside in the snow with their pj’s on and they saw Santa stuck in the chimney they got a ladder and everyone climbed up and when they got up they all pulled on Santa’s leg and then we got him out and when we got him out they all went backwards and fell off.

I fell on the floor and one of the neighbour’s saw it and called the ambulance, and when they got there, they put me on a chair and rolled me into the ambulance, and when they got there, the doctor said that your injuries are very bad.

You must spend the last few hours of Christmas in the doctors.

So I started to cry again and then I fell asleep, and the doctor woke me up and said I have got some more interesting news, and the doctor said that you are much better, you can go home now Rosie.

Rosie shouted yeah yeah, so they all went home.

Holly Saunders, 9, Drighlington Primary School

She looked out of the window and to her surprise, she saw and his reindeers fly past she ducked so he couldn’t see her. She was so amazed by it. May be he would come to are house next she thought? So she quickly ran back to bed got comfy and guess what she was right. Santa’s reindeers were on the roof and she thought it must be Santa. Suprisingly,she immediately opened her eyes and guess what she wasn’t Santa Claus nor Mrs Claus......but it was a robber!Why would a robber be in are house ? Santa hasn’t even been yet or has he......but I have been awake all this time so I would have seen him. Is this a dream? What’s happening? Rosie was getting scared at this moment in time.

Suddenly, her mum burst through the door thinking to herself shouldn’t this be the other way round Rosie waking me up? Not me waking Rosie up. Finally, Rosie woke up and said still with her eyes closed ‘’I’m gonna ring the police if you don’t get out of this house!’’ Her mum thought why would she say that? Rosie’s mum left the room soon after. A couple of minutes later, Rosie started to cry that’s when she ran to her mum’s room and told her all about the bad dream.Then it was finally time to oppe presents. Everyone got just what they wanted for Christmas. And yes it was probably the best best best ever Christmas in the world.

Matthew Booth, 10, Baronsmead, Leeds

Nothing! Just a blanket of white snow and moon-lit sky. Without hesitation, she leapt out of bed, threw on some clothes and crept down the stairs. Suddenly, the dog awoke from his sleep, she raced to the dogs tasty treats and she threw one outside, the dog followed. The dog ventured round the corner only to see the man himself - Father Christmas! The dog barked enthusiastically. Rosie darted into the living room and peered up the chimney hopefully. Suddenly, a puff of smoke formed down the chimney. Rosie darted to the window gasping for air.

Opening the window, Rosie inhaled a big breath of the cool crisp breeze. Looking up she unexpectedly spotted a red-nosed Reindeer. Upon further investigation, she then noticed a present in the snow. Full of curiosity, Rosie headed out into the cold wintery night. A bit scared she called for her dog Frost - Do you know why it he’s called frost? Well frost-bites!

With Santa climbing down their chimney, she walked on and discovered the remains of a sleigh. She ran back inside to locate Santa, she had been dreaming of meeting Santa and her dream had come true.

Santa told her not to worry, Christmas will still happen “How?” Rosie asked. “Well Christmas is a magical time of year, if you believe anything can happen.”

To Rosie’s surprise, when she looked out of the window, Santa was in his fixed sleigh. It was a true Christmas miracle

Foteini Litsiou, Year 3

There was an old man in a red coat. She crept out of the house and asked the man who he was. Are you Father Christmas?

“No! I am a strict and mean old man who hates children!” Rosie ran back to her room and slammed the door, got her toy tabby cat and in a flick she was fast asleep. At 12 o’clock she woke up by the sound of jingling bells. She slowly got up and looked out of the window.

She now saw a sleigh with a man wearing a red coat. She ran out and asked him if she could help him deliver the presents to the rest of the children in the neighbourhood. Father Christmas was really excited with Rosie’s idea so he let her do it.

When Rosie had delivered all the presents she went back home. She snuggled up in her bed. In a flash Father Christmas was gone leaving a present for her under the Christmas tree.

Next morning when Rosie woke up she ran to the Christmas tree to see if there was a present for her. She was not sure whether last night she had actually helped Father Christmas to deliver the presents or if it was a dream.

In any case she was really happy and she was feeling delighted.