Childminder hits out after Leeds street's dog poo nightmare

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A childminder has hit out at irresponsible dog owners who leave her street covered in their pets' excrement.

Mary Wilson has to stop children in her care from stepping into the mess outside her home on West Grange Road in Belle Isle on a regular basis.

After finding several deposits outside her drive this week, she decided to take action by pinning a bag of the mess to a nearby lamp-post next to a sign warning owners to take the poo home with them.

Mrs Wilson, who has three dogs of her own, says the issue has been going on for years in the area.

"I'm not sure it's worse here than anywhere else in Leeds - I posted the photo to Facebook and from the comments it seems everywhere has a problem with it.

"In the past I've stapled a whole roll of poo bags to the lamp-post for people to use, but kids just get hold of them. There have been a lot of near misses when I've been walking with the children - I do drop-offs at a school which is less than a mile away."

Mrs Wilson has never seen the culprits, who are believed to live in the area.

"In this case, I think the dog had been dragged along, as there were several deposits all along the length of my drive. I've never seen them do it yet, and in the past I've even chalked around the poo on the pavement - the neighbours probably think I'm doolally!

"I would do it again - I was really impressed with the supportive response from people on Facebook. People need to know the risk to health it poses."


Leeds City Council advise residents to report dog fouling if an area is experiencing problems, and owners can be prosecuted if details are provided.

The online complaint form can be found at:

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