Cheeky grit! Salt 'thief' came by cab

A woman who helped herself to some winter grit did so in style – in a taxi!

So says Alwoodley councillor Peter Harrand who recalled the episode in the magazine The Really Useful Guide to Alwoodley.

He said: "There was a tiny bit of grit left in one of the bins just off Shadwell Lane – most of the contents had long ago been liberated (ie. stolen) by people (from outside Leeds, I trust) for their own drives.

"On the first afternoon of the snow, a taxi arrived and stopped next to the bin. A lady got out with a carrier bag, shovelled the last grains of grit into it and was then driven off again. I know of white collar crime but chauffeur-driven crime is new to me."

Coun Harrand says public money should not be spent subsiding this sort of activity.

"It sounds ridiculous but we might have to ask for locked bins with one trusted local person having a key so he or she can ration the grit to

the neighbours," he added.

Overall he believes road gritting and clearance has been better than last year.

Kim Leadbeater. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe

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