Cheap 'vodka' costs Castleford trader

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A West Yorkshire wholesaler has been hit with a £3,000 bill after supplying fake double-strength 'vodka'.

Davison & Robinson Ltd of Aire Street in Castleford, which trades as The Ale Seller, admitted two offences of supplying wrongly-labelled Granton Vodka to a retailer in Fitzwilliam.

The booze contained double the legal amount of alcohol, which meant that it did not meet required standards and could not legally be sold as vodka.

West Yorkshire Trading Standards made the discovery after launching an investigation following a complaint from a customer, who said that the spirit "did not taste right".

Davison & Robinson was unable to identify who had sold them the booze, and said that a customer had left the vodka to make room on his vehicle to transport fireworks.

The majority of the vodka was seized by customs, but some had been sold to a retail shop in Fitzwilliam.

Pontefract Magistrates fined the firm 1,500 for failing to keep records and 500 for supplying falsely-labelled vodka. It was told to pay 1,157 in legal costs, including a victim surcharge.


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