Central Leeds: Student held up by robber with a brick

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A STUDENT has issued a warning to people walking alone at night in Leeds city centre after he was robbed and threatened with a brick.

Sean Jacks, 22, of Woodhouse, was walking near to the inner ring road flyover steps, at the site of the now demolished Leeds International Pool, when he was stopped by two ‘scruffy-looking’ men who demanded cash and his phone.

Speaking about the incident, which happened at 7.15pm on Monday, he said: “They stopped me and demanded my phone and cash but I refused.

“Then one of the men took a rock out from his coat and said he would hit me with it if I did not hand over my phone.

“It was not worth the risk so I handed over my phone. They also took about £30 cash and searched to see if I had any jewellery or a watch, but I did not.”

Warning others to be cautious when walking alone at night in the city centre, he added: “I would avoid quiet areas like this. I would hate anyone else to go through this and won’t walk that way again.”

Police are now investigating the incident. Any witnesses are urged to call on Holbeck CID via 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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