Cash appeal for new Leeds community garden

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A group of residents in a Leeds suburb have launched a fundraising bid to help develop a community garden in the area.

Moortown Community Group is appealing for cash to help raise money to transform the space between the shopping parades at Moortown Corner.

Their plan is to create new paving, at the end of Allerton Grove, and add planters with flowers and shrubs, seating, a notice board for local events and activities.

The group has secured £22,000 from councillors, local funders and donations but need to raise a further £3,000 reach the total cost of £25,000 before work can begin.

Committee member Joan Hick said: “It will make it a much more pleasant area - with somewhere to sit, and it will add colour to the area which is very drab at the moment.

“It will also have a community notice board and an interpretation job with information about the area.

“We’re trying to make people feel a bit proud of Moortown corner and say ‘we can make it better, particularly if we work together’.”

She added: “I’d say this is the most ambitious project that Moortown Community Group has undertaken. We’re just trying to raise the very last little bit of money to cover the cost.

Every little bit counts. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. If a lot of people give a little bit, it all adds up.

To donate to the cause, visit the group’s website at

Donations can be made by cheque, bank transfer or through Paypal.

To make a donation using cash, contact the group on

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