Carefree Yorkshire drivers are speeders

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Yorkshire drivers feel so free at the wheel that a fifth of them break the law regularly.

A survey of 2,000 UK drivers by The Car People revealed one in five White Rose drivers repeatedly speed.

Other common habits people have while driving are speeding up at traffic lights, hogging the middle lane, singing and even, dancing

Yorkshire drivers are one of the leading groups of performers, as a fifth admit to putting on a show while they drive.

The survey also asked how proud people are of their cars. The 18 to 24 age group were revealed as the most ‘car proud,’ yet, despite this, they are the biggest risk takers on the road. The majority of the 18 to 24 age group admit to regularly speeding, talking on their phone while driving and speeding up at traffic lights.

Another finding related to car maintenance. Most UK drivers check their cars for problems every few months and top up the oil and the air in the tyres on a regular basis. But more than 1 in 10 drivers from Yorkshire admit they never check their oil levels and 13 per cent never check if their brakes are working properly.

Jonathan Seaman, The Car People’s senior manager said: “A person’s relationship with their car is very important as it’s where a great amount of people spend a lot of time. Therefore it is very important to make sure you are doing regular checks on your car to make sure you’re getting the best of it. As the survey shows, the majority of people do this, but there are a few who don’t take care of their car as they should.”

The wide-ranging survey also found more than a third of Yorkshire drivers believe that BMWs are the most dangerous drivers on the roads. But the majority of women surveyed said they found BMW drivers to be the most attractive.

And a third of women are just happy dating someone who has a car. They said they wouldn’t date someone who doesn’t drive.