Candidates to face grilling from public

FIVE candidates vying to be crowned councillor in Headingley are to face questions from the public tonight.

Before Thursday’s by-election, the hopefuls will be quizzed by the local community on their aims and priorities for the student-dominated suburb.

The vacant post has been created after Headingley councillor Greg Mulholland stepped down from his role after clinching the Leeds North West parliamentary seat for the Liberal Democrats in May’s general election.

James Monaghan (Lib Dem), 28, was born in Wakefield and studied Physics with Space Science & Technology and later Earth Observation Science at the University of Leicester.

Katherine Mitchell (Labour) is a 24-year-old Headingley resident who works for the healthcare commission.

Brian Jackson (Alliance for Green Socialism) has lived in Headingley all his life. He is a retired print engineer and an ex-director of the Leeds Coop.

Lesley Jeffries (Green) has lived in Headingley for 25 years. She teaches English Language at Huddersfield University.

Thomas McMeeking (Conservative), 27, is a paralegal who lives in West Park.

The hustings, being staged by local community newsletter Headway, begin at 7.30pm at Headingley Parish Hall, on the corner of St Michael’s Lane and St Michael’s Road.