Can you stomach it? Meat the Big Brother of burgers

Meat the Big Brother creation for National Burger Day
Meat the Big Brother creation for National Burger Day
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A whole day is being dedicated to the greatest of American exports - the burger.

National Burger Day, yes there is such a thing, is on Thursday so to get the stomach rumbling we are relishing the opportunity of giving you a flavour of how the city's latest bar, New York themed East 59th is marking it.

Not for those with a small appetite, ‘Meat the Big Brother’, which is made up of a juicy sirloin and rump cap burger minced with jalapeños and cheddar to create a melt in the middle centre, sandwiched in a brioche bun with house sauce, crisp gem lettuce, red onion, guacamole, jalapeno and tomato relish and smoked cheddar is only available at the bar in Victoria Gate on Thursday and costs £13.50.

The meaty delight was created by East 59th’s head chef, James Bretnall-Bennett. He said: “To celebrate this year’s National Burger Day we wanted to create a burger of epic proportions.

“Inspired by the burgers of New York, ‘Meat the Big Brother’ is a supersized flavour combination of beef, cheese, and spicy jalapenos. I can’t wait for people to come down and try it.”

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