Your views: Should the #YEPleeds white rose stay or go?

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With your Yorkshire Evening Post preparing to unveil a major redesign, we have been asking readers: “Should the white rose stay or go?”

The county’s emblem was added to the paper’s masthead during the run-up to our 100th anniversary. In a front page message to readers on the day it appeared, we said: “Today the Yorkshire Evening Post proudly carries a new titlepiece. It replaces outdated lettering introduced over 20 years ago.

“The new titlepiece is based on a traditional design and includes Yorkshire’s emblem, the white rose. It appears on the newspaper today after 18 months of design work and reader research.”

This year’s revamped YEP will hit the streets for the first time on Monday, January 19. It will have a lighter, brighter look and feel in keeping with the paper’s place as part of the fabric of life in one of the UK’s most vibrant cities.

The stay or go question has proved a real talking point among the YEP’s online community especially among those connected to the paper’s social media channels on Twitter @LeedsNews and on the Facebook page which now boasts nearly 35,000 ‘Likes’

The Yorkshire Evening Post is also running a double recruitment drive as it prepares to enter its new era.

As part of the revamp of the newspaper, we are putting together a team of volunteer correspondents who will compile weekly columns packed with grassroots news about the places where they live.

We’re particularly looking for people from Headingley, Beeston, Armley, Pudsey, Hunslet, Belle Isle and Cross Gates.

In a separate move, we are also searching for people who would be interested in signing up as members of our reader panel.

The panel will provide us with feedback on the paper’s redesign and will also be asked for their thoughts on topics in the headlines.

Panellists will not be required to give up too much of their time and they will also be able to choose the level of their involvement.

Plus, for every survey they complete, they could earn themselves a shopping voucher.

For more details on the reader panel, visit www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk.

People interested in becoming a community correspondent are asked to email steve.teale@jpress.co.uk

What they’re saying on our Facebook page...

Katie Butler: Keep the White rose

Letizia Borgogelli: Nice , pretty, beautiful , handsome rose – makes the newspaper look unique .

Diane Hunter: Stay. No contest!!

Jane Thompson-Bows: It should stay.

James Sawyer: Yes. Definitely keep it!

Tracey Pears: Stay

Joanne Talbot Stay. Nothing more to say.

Dan Gire: Yes!

Mark Jowitt: It should stay

Dawn Coles: Keep the rose even though I dont get paper anymore

Stephen Kendrew Harrison: It needs to stay or refuse to buy it

Cheryl Ledger: Keep the White Rose. It’s a symbol of Yorkshire.

Kazza Cussy: Stay

Ann Dauny: Stay of course, what is more Yorkshire than the White Rose?

Rosemary Othick: Stay ! Obviously.

Vicky Appleyard: Of course it should stay!

Heather Mitchell: Stay of course!

Donna Mannion: It most certainly should stay x

Peter O’Donnell: It needs to stay

Pat Burton:Yorkshire’s Rose. Of course it needs to stay.

Steven Batty: Do you really need to ask?

Tre Bleinheim: Keep it!

Keith Sheldon: If you don’t keep it I won’t buy it

Rosemary O’Leary: Keep it of course!

Nathan Medley: Of course it should stay, it’s what makes this paper belong to Yorkshire!

Wendy Brookes: Keep it!

Richard Walton: What’s important is quality journalism, not whether there’s a flower

Adele Metcalf: Stay

Graeme Richardson: Keep it

Simon Butler: Do stupid questions like this really have to be asked?

Hazel Wyllie: It must be kept.

Paul Snowden: Keep it!

Simon Firth: No need to change the paper at all but the rose must stay

Liam McQuade: What represents Yorkshire better than the White Rose? Absolutely 100% keep it

Atlanta Guest House: Can’t believe your even considering it! Stay of course

Your tweets

Geoffrey Heald: Yes I think it should stay. But might take a different form.

Matthew P Wharton: Keep the #WhiteRose or add an owl with crown.

Rich&Katie Watkin: Stay!

Liz Ryan: Definitely stay!

Andy Goldman: Stay, Enlarge it!

Paul Whiteley. No. Definitely not

Amanda Pickering: Definitely not!

Jenny Jones: No!!! Please leave it on there.

Graham Poulter: #masthead no

Alex Bastin: No keep it!

George Wood: No

Angela Lumley: No

Edmund Billing: Of course not!

Jason Thomas: Keep the #WhiteRose

Steve Clark: Keep the White Rose...

Ben Griffiths: Why?!?! No way, leave it on there!

Andrew Jarrett: Nooooooool!

Hellster: Nooooooo keep it.... We’re Yorkshire aren’t we?

Dave Allen: No - please don’t. It’s part of your Yorkshire-ness!

Anne Pickles: Happy days, my friend... and a perfect Yorkshire rose.

Jacob Ehrlich: Keep it!

Sean: Definitely stirring here! Who the heck in Yorkshire is going to say “get rid of that white rose”?

Julie Parker: Never

Simon Thomas: What are you gonna do, replace it with a red rose?

Robert Milton: Don’t be daft!

LS16 Rhinos: No way

Martin Saunders: No way Yorkshire and proud. London by birth Yorkshire by desire

Christine 1507: Not at all. proud to be Yorkshire

Georgia Unsworth: No

SJH: No, absolutely not.

Pauline Calvert: Lose white rose? Certainly not. Never heard such talk!

Ursula McGouran: Absolutely must keep the rose! Modernise the design if you want, but don’t lose it all together!

W-Pie: White Rose has got to stay! No brainer #Leeds #masthead #WhiteRose

Val Eatwell: I can’t believe you’re even asking!