YOUNG VOICES: Tune in to the power of music

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Young reporter Olivia Broadhead shares her passion about learning to play a musical instrument.

I first started learning to play the piano in Year Three at school.

This wonderful instrument is able to produce amazing and beautiful music of many different kinds - both popular and classical.

I love the feel of the keys and the sound the piano makes with every note.

Also, by learning the piano, it can make learning to play other musical instruments easier.

Music is accessible to us all on a daily basis so I think that more and more children should be encouraged to learn to play an instrument.

It is an extra skill to acquire and it is also a great way to build up your confidence as well as an uplifting experience.

I’m sure there are a number of opportunities for children in Leeds to express themselves musically either at school or in local bands.

Hopefully all schools in Leeds provide musical opportunities for children.

If they don’t they should be encouraged to do so - maybe it should be part of the national curriculum.

Luckily, my school started to offer music lessons when I was in Year Three and I am now in Year Six.

It was first offered as an after school activity for a small fee, so I jumped at the chance to learn it.

A good teacher is extremely invaluable – I have been very lucky to have Mr Taylor helping me to learn more about music.

Learning a musical instrument is something that I am extremely passionate about.

As a result of this I am going to continue to learn to play music when I move up from primary school into high school in September.

Dr Tom Dobson, course director at Leeds Beckett University.

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