YOUNG VOICES: ‘Stay safe with social media’

A teenage girl looking at social media on her laptop computer.
A teenage girl looking at social media on her laptop computer.
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Sophie Poole questions whether children spend too much time attached to their phones and computers.

Children spend too much time on social media sites.

Instead of talking to somebody in the real world children today communicate via text or by tweeting something.

What’s wrong with going out and actually talking to someone?

I think children should be allowed to use websites where they can contact and share things with their friends.

But I do not think they should be sharing and talking to strangers from around the world.

You hear of so many cases from around the world of children being bullied on social media sites.

I think these sites should have dedicated children’s versions because I think that this would encourage children below the specified age limit not to lie about their age.

I think more needs to be done to ensure child safety on social media.

These sites are meant for the pleasure of talking to friends, family and the rest of the world; that doesn’t mean that they are completely safe.

There are some horrible people out there and, without the help and security of the websites, children will be at risk.

In my opinion all parents should try and monitor their children’s usage of social networking websites, and talk to their kids about it.

It is important that you know what your children are posting.

My advice to children contemplating using these kind of sites would be to use them, but to not lie about your age, because the age limits have been set for a reason.

Also, make sure you talk to your parents about it; they can give you advice and help you with any problems you experience.

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