Clean Up Yorkshire: Hundreds of bags of rubbish cleared by YOU!

Peter Fenlon of Pinders Heath Residents Association
Peter Fenlon of Pinders Heath Residents Association
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Hundreds of bags of litter were taken from the streets of our region by Evening Post readers during a month of action inspired by the huge sums of money spent each year on street cleansing.

Clean Up Yorkshire was launched just over a month ago after we revealed Yorkshire councils were spending £77m a year cleaning our streets, including £8m alone in Leeds.

Jeff Yates, coordinator of Litter Free Guiseley, picks litter from woodland in Guisley. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe

Jeff Yates, coordinator of Litter Free Guiseley, picks litter from woodland in Guisley. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe

We asked you to organise litter picks and more than 30 events took place, plus individual readers picking on a daily basis, and school pupils learning about the blight litter causes on society.

We also held Pick Up A Piece Day on June 30, where we asked everyone to pick up just one piece of litter in a bid to clear 2.5m pieces in just one day.

Members of Litter-Free Guiseley, who pick around the rural areas of the Leeds’ town, collected 45 bags of rubbish last month. Co-ordinator Jeff Yates said: “The areas where we clean, litter can only have got there by being dropped from moving cars. It never ceases to amaze me how much is dropped.

“We need more people to make a contribution and take ownership of their areas, as we can’t leave it to dwindling council resources.”

Peter Fenlon, chairman of Pinders Heath Residents Association, which collected 12 bags of litter around their estate in Wakefield, said he had received a letter from an elderly woman in East Ardsley, who had seen the group’s efforts in the paper.

“She had been inspired to collect in her own area by what we, and the newspaper, were doing,” he said. “We were touched and sent her a picker of her own. We will be continue to collect litter around our estate every six weeks.”

Clean ups also took place in Pudsey, Chapeltown, Bramley, Tadcaster, South Milford, Wyke Beck and beyond.

OUR month of action may be over - but our campaigning is not.

The Yorkshire Evening Post will continue to support the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) in their efforts to lobby the Government to extend new powers to local authorities to fine people who litter from vehicles. Almost 400 people have already signed a petition calling on Environment Secretary Liz Truss to take action, and you can add your voice via the Clean Up Yorkshire section on our website.

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