Campaign to help real-life superhero to fix his Harley Davidson

Pedro Machado as Captain America
Pedro Machado as Captain America
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This real-life Leeds superhero needs your help to fix his beloved motorcycle.

Pedro Machado is an American of Portuguese descent who moved to Pudsey after meeting his wife.

The dad-of-one spends his time travelling the world on his distinctive Harley Davidson, delivering toys to sick children. He also runs his own company, Pro Dancefloors.

Pedro dresses as superhero Captain America to visit hospitals and organise toy collections. He has just returned from Amsterdam and has also visited patients at children's wards in Glasgow recently.

His friends have now set up a Crowdfunding page to raise the £1,000 needed to repair the American Chopper bike and keep it on the road.

Rebecca Duke said:

"Pedro travels the world to help ill children fulfill their dreams of meeting their favourite superhero; and who better than Captain America himself?

"He also helps out with charity work and the amazing thing is he NEVER expects anything in return. Only now his trademark American Chopper bike needs quite a lot of repairs and he just can't afford it alone. So I'm putting this page together in hope we can come together and give something back to someone who truly deserves it."

To donate, visit

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