Campaign for Christmas number one hit in tribute to tragic music pioneer from Wakefield

Mark Bell
Mark Bell
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MUSIC stars are backing an online campaign aimed at securing a Christmas number one single in tribute to an electronic music pioneer from Wakefield.

Musician and producer Mark Bell, 43, from Lofthouse died from complications following an operation in October.

Icelandic singer Bjork was among music stars who paid tribute to the former Rodillian High School student, whose group LFO reached number 12 in the UK singles chart in 1990 with rave anthem LFO.

LFO fan Ian Roullier, 37, of Hertfordshire, has launched a campaign aimed at encouraging people to download the LFO single an get it to number one for Christmas.

The ‘LFO for Christmas Number One’ Facebook page he has set up has attracted more than 6.000 likes.

Mr Roullier said: “When the news broke about Mark’s death I listened to some old LFO records and I just thought about how it would be best to pay tribute to him.

“I didn’t know him personally, but his music had a huge effect on me as a teenager.”

Mr Roullier said the campaign is being supported by record producer Skream and artists including 808 State.

Mark Bell also produced seven Bjork albums including Homogenic’ and worked on Depeche Mode’s Exciter’ LP.

Following his death, Bjork wrote on Facebook: “I love you Mark and I feel so blessed to have made so much music with you.

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