Calls for new food laws after YEP revealed Leeds’ ‘unhygienic’ eateries

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LAWYERS are pushing for a new law to ensure restaurants, takeaways and shops display their food hygiene rating certificates.

The news comes after the YEP revealed there are 28 premises currently rated as ‘zero’ by Leeds City Council environmental health inspectors.

The rating from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) means ‘urgent improvement’ is needed to meet safe hygiene standards after an inspection examined the handling of food, condition of the building and how the business is managed.

Public health lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are now urging the FSA and local authorities to make it a legal requirement for food businesses to display the ratings.

Amandeep Dhillon from the law firm said: “The number of premises in Leeds receiving a zero hygiene rating is extremely concerning.

“It is absolutely crucial [...] these businesses improve their hygiene standards to prevent the public from being impacted by potential illness issues.”

“We would also call on the FSA and local authorities to make it a legal requirement for shops, restaurants and takeaways to display their hygiene rating certificates, which it currently is not.

“This will provide consumers with more information and enable them to make an informed choice about where they buy their food.

“Hopefully, by taking this step and encouraging businesses to make positive hygiene standard changes, the number of illnesses suffered by consumers, which can have long-term impacts on those affected, will be avoided in the future.”

As previously reported by the YEP, the majority of food-related businesses in Leeds are rated as top of the scale at level five - meaning their food hygiene is ‘very good’.

Across the city, 2,674 presmises meet these top standards, including 278 takeaways and 634 restaurants.