Call to tackle ‘dangerous’ Leeds route

Jonathan Foster has set up a petition asking for safety measures. PIC: Simon Hulme
Jonathan Foster has set up a petition asking for safety measures. PIC: Simon Hulme
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Campaigners are calling for more traffic calming measures in an area of Leeds which they say is “dangerous” to pedestrians.

Spearheaded by Jonny Foster, a community officer at Leeds University Union, the campaign urges Leeds City Council to improve pedestrian crossings in the Hyde Park/Little Woodhouse area - in particular the crossing at the T-junction between Belle Vue Road and Moorland Road and the crossroads between Moorland Road, Hyde Park Road and Royal Park Road.

He said both crossing points are heavily used by students and residents - as key routes to the university, city centre and Headingley - and there has been 15 accidents involving pedestrians over the past three years.


An online petition has seen over 250 people pledge their support to the campaign, which calls for measures such as a zebra crossing across Belle Vue Road, with traffic lights installed further up the road.

Jonny said: “The walk between Hyde Park and campus is particularly difficult for students, staff and local residents. Moorland Road and Royal Park Road are heavily used thoroughfares for people walking to university and further in to town. These two crossings make the walk incredibly dangerous and we need to implement a safer environment for those using them.

“When I’ve been talking to students, this issue has come up time and time again as one of their top concerns.”

He added: “We hope to improve pedestrian safety in the area dramatically with their help over the next few months.”

A report to Leeds City Council’s chief officer of highways and transportation stated each year, all requests for traffic calming measures are fully investigated, with results collated and analysed before a decision is made.

To view the petition visit change.org and search Leeds University Union.