YOUR SAY: Airline Jet2 bars alcohol sales before 8am

YEP readers have their say on Jet2's decision
YEP readers have their say on Jet2's decision

Readers respond to the news that Leeds-based Jet2 has banned the sale of alcohol before 8am on its flights as part of a commitment to tackle disruptive and abusive beahviour.

Helen Wall posted on our Facebook page: “Why people need to drink at that time in a morning is beyond me. I don’t see the need to drink on the flight either.

“Why put the air stewards/stewardesses in the position of having to refuse alcohol to drunken idiots who ten kick off and pose a risk to them and the other passengers.”

Gavin Mullins agreed with the decision, saying: “So they should. Bad enough working behind a bar and people approaching and kicking off for not serving booze until 10am. There’s really no need to drink so early.”

ex-pat loiner left the following comment on our website: “8am is too early. Try noon. Also use breathalyzers to check suspicious passenger ehaviour.”

Commenter Malpal 17 wrote: “LBA should not sell any alcoholic drinks to passengers once their baggage has been checked in. There is a smoking ban in airport terminals, the same should apply to alcohol.”

Jules Moorhouse said on Facebook: “I personally would like to choose if I want to have a drink before or during a flight not be told that I cannot because some idiots choose to get drunk.”

Gavin Crowther said: “Think Jet2 have lost the plot here. As always the good people of the world get punished because of a few idiots.

“If someone is drunk before a flight they should not be allowed to fly simple as and if they kick off during a flightbecause they can’t get served Jet2 should ban that person not punish everyone.”

Helen Ramsdale said: “Can’t see how this could tackle abusive behavious, more likely to produce it.”

And Julia Firth posted: “I love nothing more than a G&T on the plane but at that time in the morning who would want it! I’ve been on a few flights where people’s behaviour becomes unruly because of drink and it feels very uncomfortable for other passengers and unfair for staff. In summary I agree with the ban at that time of day.”