Welcoming the graduates

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PwC has welcomed seven new graduates in the Leeds office. The new recruits have taken up a variety of roles in the Assurance and Consulting teams.

PwC has hired 209 new graduates this year across the country, the highest ever number to join through its annual Spring intake.

The increase is testament to the fact that the firm has continued to maintain and increase its internship and full time graduate numbers throughout the recession and the recovery to prepare for growth. Some 5,877 applications were received for 209 places to start in Spring, meaning that around 30 people applied for each vacancy. This amounts to a massive 446% increase in applications to the Spring entry on 2009 applications, and a 192% increase on last year.

Soaring application levels show that PwC is an increasingly attractive option for more and more people looking to start their career, or indeed begin a new one.

Stephen Blake of the CMA  Photo: Vikki Ellis

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