Taking on a stall to gain skills in business

BUDDING businesswomen Dorothy Harrison is trying her hand at selling in a Bizaar way!

She has taken over a stall in Leeds's Kirkgate Market's Bizaar Quarter.

Her business, Picture Books, will be there for 12 weeks as part of the initiative to encourage up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the city.

Following on from the market's How Bizaar stall which gives people with a business idea the chance to test it out, the Bizaar Quarter helps them further by offering units at affordable rents for three months.

People using the facility can learn about running costs for a business as well as develop their selling skills.

The Bizaar Quarter, funded by Sharing the Success, the city's Local Enterprise Growth Initiative, has eight stalls and was launched in October. This is the second stall to be taken up.

Dorothy, from Armley, is new to the world of business but husband Derek has been selling books to schools for over a decade.

Mr Harrison said: "What Dorothy is doing is selling children's picture books so it's a bit different.

"She wanted to do something on her own.

"If we feel it is a going concern we will move into the market itself."

Mr Harrison said that this is his wife's first venture into selling after working in a cafe and admitted there were some pre-stall worries.

He said: "Dorothy was quite nervous about it but I think its suits her in a way to find she could do this on her own.

"Children's picture books is a market that is not big but can be sustained because there will always be young mothers wanting to read to their children."

Mr Harrison said that his wife was "really getting into it" - and has even been cycling into work on the stall every morning despite the poor weather!

At the launch of the Bizaar Quarter, Leeds Central MP Hilary Benn cut the ribbon to open the stalls.


Philip Lunn

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