Superfast broadband comes to West Yorkshire in multi million pound deal

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CityFibre, the company that plans to turn York into the “digital capital of Britain”, has won its first Government-backed deal to provide Huddersfield and parts of Dewsbury and Batley with super fast broadband.

CityFibre has signed a long-term multi-million pound 
agreement with Easynet, a Government-approved communications provider, to deploy dark fibre connectivity to the area as part of an agreement with the metropolitan borough of Kirklees. ​CityFibre’s head of strategy and policy Mark Collins said the deal is a first on two counts - the first deal with Easynet and the first provider to supply the public sector with the Public Sector network (PSN) framework.

Initially CityFibre will provide connectivity to 176 public sector sites in the metropolitan borough of Kirklees, West Yorkshire.

These will include a broad mix of office facilities, healthcare sites, libraries and children’s services.

The eventual aim is to also link up businesses and homes to the gigabit network.

“We hope it will set the trend for a number of more deals,” said Mr Collins.

“We will design and build a 72-kilometre fibre network mostly in Huddersfield, but also in Dewsbury and Batley. The network will open up to businesses and we always have the ability to extend it to consumers.”

Highways England has warned of delays as traffic is turned around.

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