‘Schools must help create business aces’

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A BUSINESS group has urged schools to play a bigger role in creating the entrepreneurial leaders of the future.

It says that schools are ideally placed to inspire young people to take up a life in the business world.

The Forum of Private Business says schools must play a leading role in creating entrepreneurs.

It made the claim to the All-party Parliamentary Small Business Group’s Entrepreneurship Inquiry, that opened last month, which is looking at the role of entrepreneurs in driving economic growth.

It is also considering the barriers small firms face and trying to identify ways in which the UK can increase the number of motivated self-starters capable of running a business.

Jane Bennett, the not-for-profit Forum’s head of campaigns, said: “Schools are vitally important because they are essentially where young minds are honed and appetites for working life whetted.

“They have a vital role to play in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit – we recognise that and so do our members – which is why we are calling for a greater focus by government on making sure schools are given the tools for the job.

“That includes a more appropriate curriculum and closer collaboration between schools and local business.

“We think there should be more work experience too, not less as the government is currently considering.

“We recognise there is room for improvement with the current system, and ideally we would like to see more pupils placed with smaller firms rather than big multinationals.

“In smaller businesses pupils have a better chance of working alongside more senior, experienced members of staff who actually have something useful to pass on.

“It beats working in a mail room at town hall or large corporate organisation.”


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