Savings at the pumps for Yorkshire motorists

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Supermarkets have slashed fuel prices making Yorkshire pumps the cheapest in the country.

But Leeds motorists should not be complacent as prices vary by more than 10p per litre for petrol, according to online comparison website

Luke Bosdet, spokesman for the AA, said the situation has been created as Yorkshire is the Asda and Morrisons “heartland”.

Leeds-based Asda and Bradford-based Morrisons are currently charging the cheapest prices, which are rubbing off on other retailers in the area.

Mr Bosdet said: “Supermarkets influence the local markets. Where they reduce their prices, competitors feel obliged to follow. Yorkshire is the heartland of Asda and Morrisons, and they are currently offering the cheapest fuel.”

Asda charges a flat 130.7p for petrol and 134.7p for diesel. On average, Bradford-based Morrisons charges 131.9p for petrol and 135.8p for diesel.

The cheapest price found for the supermarket in the Leeds area was 130.9p and 134.9p respectively.

Of the 131 stations located in a 15 mile radius of Leeds city centre, there was a 10.2p difference between Asda and the most expensive station at 140.9p for petrol.

In Leeds, Tesco and Sainsbury’s are charging from 130.9p for petrol and 134.9p for diesel, according to

Sainsbury’s is giving a £6 reduction on a typical 50-litre car if they spend £60 instore. Or 6p a litre reduction on a £30 shop.

The Co-op has a similar deal. A current offer at Tesco offers 5p off each litre of fuel for those who purchase certain items.

But going out of your way to fill up can be counter productive, warned Mr Bosdet.

Typically a trip to the supermarket is a six mile round journey, and uses about one litre or £1.30 of fuel.

The AA spokesman said that Asda’s deal remained the best.

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