Numbers seeking work in Leeds hits new low

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The number of people in Leeds seeking work has fallen over the last month - hitting a new low.

The total now looking for a job in the city is 15,085.

Many major companies such as McDonalds, N-Power and the Royal Mail have been recruiting staff in Leeds, which has helped to ease the load.

Alison France, employer and partnership manager for Leeds Job Centre Plus, said: “The total of people actively looking for work in Leeds was 15,085. It is good news for the city and a sure sign that things are improving, as they are nationally.”

New Government figures published yesterday have reveled the number of people unemployed across the country fell by 63,000 to 1.96 million in the last quarter. Unemployment in the North East fell by 8,000 in the three months to October. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that a total of 118,000 people were unemployed in the region between August and October.

The region’s unemployment rate was 9.1 per cent and saw a fall of 6.4 per cent during the period. The highest increase in the number of unemployed in England was the South East which recorded a 3,000 rise in the amount of people without a job.

Ms France said in Leeds, Royal Mail had employed 374 people on a temporary basis, which had helped to ease the unemployment figures.

“Those jobs are temporary to deal with the Christmas mail but we are taking a hands on approach with the people whose temporary role ends at the end of December,” she said. “While they have been working and are up early and used to working, we want to help get them into other work, so anyone who has been working temporarily will be supported to find more work.”

Ms France said that in Leeds, the overall jobless figure was down by 683 since November; with 345 18-24 year olds finding a job and 340 people aged over 25.

Case study:

Kaitlin Coles - unemployed teen finding temporary work

Kaitlin is 18 Years old; She attended 6th Form College and left with 6 GCSEs and 2 A levels.

She then came to sign on at South Leeds Jobcentre, directly from leaving school.

Kaitlin has had no previous work experience, and had not attended any interviews; she was quite nervous and felt that because she had no previous work experience she would struggle to find Employment.

Kaitlin’s work coach referred her to the Leeds Hub Event at Eastgate on the 12 November 2014, booking her in for interview techniques support and also an appointment with the Work Experience Co-ordinator Graham Stocks.

On the day she undertook practical interviewing skills support with Direct Line, she also had a interview with the Work Experience Co-ordinator Graham Stocks who agreed to organise a work placement for her

Kaitlin also spoke to other Volunteering organisations, for example scope. She also engaged with Employers on the day who was recruiting.

Graham secured for her a Work Experience Placement which started on November 17 at Purple Vets in Rothwell. This lasted for three weeks.

After this she applied to Royal Mail and started work with them on December 6.