Mobile Tornado signs Israeli deal to enable instant communications

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Mobile Tornado, the company that can turn mobile phones into walkie-talkies, has signed an exclusive partnership with Israeli telecoms firm Alvarion Technologies.

The Harrogate-based firm, which ​helps companies save money on phone bills and gives them immediate access to their entire workforce, will integrate its instant communication services into Alvarion’s WiFi platform.

​Alvarion suppl​ies ​wireless broadband networks t​hat​ enable Government agencies to ​improve​ efficiency​​. I​t also​ eliminat​es​ the need for expensive leased fixed line broadband.

​Mobile Tornado said the partnership will enable instant communication services, VOIP, video and data between municipal offices, emergency services and schools.

​Jeremy Fenn, CEO of Mobile Tornado​,​ said​:​ “As the telecommunications market develops, we believe WiFi will play an ever increasing role within it, particularly in respect of the development of ​‘​smart cities​‘​.

​“​This is an area that we have identified as a key growth opportunity, given the Homeland Security components of any ​‘​smart city​‘​ deployment.”

​Smart cities link the electricity grid, water supply, roads, buildings and cars to the network, creating a smooth running city that isn’t beset by traffic jams, burst water pipes and power cuts.

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