Let there be less light says energy expert

FIRMS are being urged to turn their festive lights down and choose eco-friendly fairy lights if they want a Green Christmas.

Leeds-based electricity saving expert Ged Crefin, who runs electricity reduction company Electreco, says the festivities don't have to mean bigger fuel bills in the New Year.

He said: "Business owners can enjoy the festive season with a clearer conscience if they adopt a simple strategy for putting up and using their decorations.

"Conventional fairy lights left on for 10 hours a day over 12 days produce enough carbon dioxide to inflate 60 balloons. So for a start, switching from conventional to LED Christmas lights will reduce energy consumption by 90 per cent and because LED lights don't generate as much heat, employers will be ensuring office Christmas trees are much safer.

"Another tip is to use fibre optic decorations because these can light a whole tree from a single bulb and are often just as effective as a whole tree's worth of Christmas tree lights.

"If an office is naturally well lit then it's possible to choose between the normal lighting and the Christmas lights for much of the day. Turning one or more room lights off when you switch on your Christmas tree lights will make them look more attractive and save energy.

"Although it should be common sense to switch some lights off, it's amazing how often people leave them all on, even with Christmas tree lights providing a lot of extra light."

Electreco uses technology to help businesses reduce their electricity use.

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