Legal firm sets out to track down unpaid fees

LEGAL firm Ashworth Law has really gone back to school with a new initiative.

The Harrogate practice has launched a new service to help independent schools get hold of unpaid fees.

Ashworth Law co-founder Mathew Cobley says that private schools are owed millions and that expert legal help will assist them.

Research carried out by the company indicates that the nation's 1,800 private schools are, between them, owed in excess of 30 million in unpaid fees.

The new Independent Schools department will be based at Ashworth Law's Harrogate head office.

Mr Cobley said: "For a while now we have been employed by a number of fee-paying schools around the country to chase unpaid tuition fees on their behalf.

"With schools charging between 600 per term at pre-prep level, through to 10,000 a term at senior school, two or three bad debtors can have a big impact on a school's finances."

Ashworth Law was launched last year.

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