Leeds firm to provide interpreting services for Libyan military training

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WHEN you’re working to restore order in a land torn apart by conflict, nothing can be lost in translation.

A Yorkshire-based firm is doing its bit to help break down barriers in Libya. Parts of the country remain unstable following the uprising that led to the overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

The Ministry of Defence has appointed the technology-based language services provider, thebigword, to deliver interpreters for its training of the Libyan military.

Under the contract, thebigword will provide up to 55 interpreters a day who will work alongside the UK and Libyan troops. The interpreters will cover everything from classroom learning to military exercises. Thebigword, which is based in Leeds, is believed to be the only language services provider in Europe that has a dedicated defence division. The operation has been designed to provide specialist military training to the Libyan Armed Forces.

The initial tranche of training will involve 360 Libyan troops and is expected to last for 24 weeks with potentially up to 2,000 Libyan troops being trained in total.

David Capper, divisional director of thebigword defence, justice and international security division, said yesterday: “We are delighted to be awarded the contract by the MoD.”

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