Ideas firm saves homes fortune with green plug

A WAKEFIELD firm is behind a gadget which could cut home electricity bills by £200 a year.

Research and development company Logicor has developed the Green Plug, which automatically switches off electrical equipment left on standby or switched on by accident. Research by Imperial College suggests the equipment could reduce the average household bill by as much as 41 per cent.

Government ministers are already showing an interest with Whitehall involved in trials in the Wakefield district, where a total of 500 electrical applicances were fitted with Green Plugs in 68 homes.

Findings included data which showed a Green Plug fitted to a printer resulted in a 93 per cent saving on the one appliance while a 54 per cent saving was recorded on TVs.

"Saving energy and cutting waste are important objectives for all househiolds, particularly with rising fuel bills," said Wakefield MP and shadow Environment Secretary, Mary Creagh.

"Households can waste up to 365 a year by leaving electrical appliances switched on or on standby overnight.

"This is a great example of an innovative British compnay providing a practical solution to an environmental problem."

Logicor MD, David Bowen, said the trials were the conclusion of a long-term project which the company hoped would also help cut carbon emissions.

"Myself and the team are very pleased with the results of the trial and for the promise the findings hold for the rest of the energy-efficient systems in development such as the Green Wall Socket with integrated timers," he said.

Logicor was founded in 2004, and now employs 22 people, specialising in the development of energy-efficient products.

To date, 19 investors have helped the company bring 32 ideas to the market, some becoming businesses in their own right.

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