Hospitality boss calls for Brexit poll to be rejected

**MUST CREDIT PICTURE: Damian James Bramley/DJB**
  Daniel Gill, Managing Director of Dine
**MUST CREDIT PICTURE: Damian James Bramley/DJB** Daniel Gill, Managing Director of Dine
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The founder of Leeds-based hospitality and events group Dine has called for the Government to reject the public vote to exit the Ruopean Union, calling the referendum result “too marginal” and “based on a foundation of bad faith”.

In a strongly-worded response, Daniel Gill said the 52-48 per cent result for Leave was insufficient to trigger constitutional change and represented unfinished business. He wants the government to consider a second vote, with a threshold to guard against such a small margin of victory.

Mr Gill said: “There is a duty on the leadership of this country, namely the Conservative government, to offer the nation a second, clarifying question.

“This should be set with a threshold to avoid a similarly narrow margin crystallising any decision. It is generally agreed that both the Remain and Leave campaigns increasingly resorted to arguments which were reduced to headlines and were therefore of little practical benefit to voters who were trying to understand how they should cast their vote. Eurosceptic myths made it impossible for the information that was offered to be filtered in an unbiased way.”

A petition for the Government to reject the poll has garnered more than three million signatures. However constitutional experts have said the movement is unlikely to gain traction.

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