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Scooter Man John Maddison
Scooter Man John Maddison
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you’ve had a fun night out, had a fair amount to eat and drink, and then realise you can’t drive home. What do you do?

Entrepreneur John Maddison thinks the answer is to call him and his team to take advantage of their special chauffeur service.

A ScooterMAN staffer will come to you on his foldaway motorbike, pop the machine into your car boot and drive you home safely.

It’s an idea which has taken off in the Leeds area and its surrounding towns - and John is working on extending the business he began in 2008.

He said: “I started off with just one bike, running it part-time as well as running my full-time job. I have enjoyed every moment of it.”


John first heard about ScooterMAN when he lived in London and saw the service operating in the capital.

It has been there for 12 years and has 70 bikes.

When he came back up north he “realised how difficult getting night-time transport in Leeds is” and so started up the local ScooterMAN franchise.

Now he has got three riders who use Jincheng bikes from China which have been modified to come apart and assemble easily.

All sorts of people are his customers and they have no need to worry about their cars because John has the relevant insurance.

And it is not just people who have had a bit too much of the sauce.

People with families who cannot find taxis fitted with car seats can call for the service, for instance, and John is keen develop the vehicle logistics side of the operation where ScooterMAN can help firms move vehicles around.

John says he loves the job but admits that ferrying people home can require a certain level of discretion on occasion.

“You have got to know where to put your eyes if you are getting into their own car,” he said.

People wishing to use the ScooterMAN service have to book through a central London number - 0333 666 1999 - after which the booking information is passed to John and his team.

When people make their first call their details are taken which means each subsequent booking is much quicker.

Membership is free.

People often book in advance, and nights such as Friday and Saturday are busier, but John says that people can also phone up on the night and usually be accommodated.

Things are going so well that John hopes to develop the business.

“I am hoping to take on another two riders by the end of the year,” he said.


And over the next few years? “We hope to have expanded into other towns and cities around the area like Halifax and York,” said John.

He said that customer satisfaction with the service had been very positive, and he has on occasion even taken police officers home and sees this as a ringing endorsement.

He said: “They like us because we take drunk drivers off the roads.”

lTo contact ScooterMAN ring 0333 666 1999.

If a company wishes to utilise its vehicle logistics service, they should call 07894 944399. The ScooterMAN website is at www.scooterman.co.uk.

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