Firm says most people want plastic recycled

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MOST people think that plastic waste should be recycled, according to an internet survey by a Leeds-based company.

Barkston Plastics Ltd, of Cross Green in Leeds, a plastics company, has released the results of half a year of research into the public's views on recycling waste plastic.

The research was carried out using a poll on Barkston's website and invited visitors to vote in response to the question: 'How important is it that waste plastic is recycled?'

Voters were given three response options including 'very', 'we should do out best' and ' it's not my top concern'.

Thirteen per cent voted in the low concern category, 38 per cent supported doing our best and 80 per cent opted for recycling all waste.

Tim Kiernan, managing director of Barkston, said: "The research we have carried out online has produced valuable results and we are delighted to have been able to act on these."

The Barkston Group, founded in 1969, incorporates Barkston Plastics Ltd and Barkston Plastics Engineering Ltd.

Vicar Lane, Leeds City Centre.

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