Colourful business venture blossoms in heart of Leeds

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FORMER DJ Oliver Lee and musician John Wellby have combined a passion for Apple products with a desire to foster a sense of individuality among consumers in a new business venture.

If Apple’s slogan is ‘think different’, then the self-proclaimed Apple Geeks’ strap line is ‘be different’, said Mr Lee.

The pair, who are based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, repair and modify Apple products for the general public, but they also have a vision to make the gadgets more individual by customising them using a colourisation process.

Apple Geeks has just created a limited edition selection of neon-coloured iPads, iMacs and Macbooks.

Mr Lee said: “Today Apple is arguably the most successful company on the planet. Its cutting edge products have changed the world we live in, as well as how we interact with those around us.

“But for all its successes, has it lost the rebellious magic that originally made it truly great?”

Steve Jobs was famously quoted as saying that it was “the crazy ones”, “the misfits”, “the round pegs in the square hole” that change things and push the human race forward.

Apple was started in Jobs’ parents’ garage with his business partner Steve Wozniak.

Apple Geeks, as the start-up is known, aims to “bring a little bit of the misfit back to the legendary brand”, said Mr Lee.

“Our iPhones, iPads, and Macs are all part of our day to day lives. What we wear defines our individuality, and so should our gadgets”, he added.

Apple Geeks, which is seeking to build a brand called iColor, launched in December via social networking sites. Once customised by Apple Geeks, an iColor label is added to the product.

Mr Lee said that the pair has quickly built up a following online.

“We see a future where you can choose the individual colours of your beloved gadget and have it in your hand the very same day”, said Mr Lee.

“We are working to a point where soon you will be able to come on to the website and you’ll be able to choose the colour of your iPad, your iMac, your Macbook, you could choose the base colour, the Apple logo colour and have it made for you.”

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