Avacta signs landmark deal to progress the firm’s latest high tech development

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DIAGNOSTICS​ specialist Avacta Group​ has signed a collaboration deal with leading supplier UbiQ Bio for Avacta’s latest invention - Affimers, a high-tech alternative to antibodies.

The Wetherby-based company ​said the collaboration will​ provide it with access to UbiQ’s experience, network and reputation.

​In turn UbiQ will receive a royalty on sale​s​.

Avacta designed Affimers in order to address the negative performance issues that exist with real antibodies, namely the time it takes to generate new antibodies and the variation in batches.

Alastair Smith, chief executive of Avacta said: “This is probably the most important landmark in the Affimer story so far.

“Despite huge efforts over the past 10 years antibody companies have been unsuccessful in building libraries of ubiquitin specific antibodies.”

Ubiquitin is a small regulatory protein that has been found in almost all cells.

Alfred Nijkerk, chief executive of UbiQ said: “We are very pleased to be working with Avacta to develop Affimers that bind specifically to ubiquitin chains. This is something that we have wanted to achieve with antibodies for a number of years but with no success, so we are delighted that Avacta has had success so early in our collaboration. We are very excited about the future of this partnership.”

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