Bus-ted! Why can’t Leeds get to work on time?

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If Leeds is going to be the major European city it aspires to be then its public transport system needs to step up a gear.

That’s the message from bus passengers who say they put up with delays, no-shows and congestion in the city day after day.

Leeds City Council leader Judith Blake told a meeting of businesspeople that workers had lost their jobs because of late buses and said she wanted to revamp the vital service through an integrated transport system.

This week the YEP is running a series of stories focusing on bus travel in Leeds and we want to put your questions to the bus companies.

One passenger told us it takes her as long for her to get home as it would to get to Spain and another said she left her job after being put on a warning by her employer as she was frequently late due to buses failing to get her to work on time.

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