Burglar’s £180,000 car crime spree in Leeds

Adam Woodhouse, left, and William Lock, right.
Adam Woodhouse, left, and William Lock, right.
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A YOUNG burglar and car thief who admitted to a crime spree totalling £180,000 has been locked up for six years.

Adam Woodhouse, 21, was handed the lengthy sentence after a court heard how he targeted properties across Leeds in order to steal car keys to expensive vehicles parked outside.

Woodhouse’s accomplice William Lock, 18, was also sent to custody for three-and-a-half years over three offences which took place during the course of one night in December last year.

More than £40,000 worth of vehicles were stolen after they broke into properties to steal car keys.

The pair were caught when a tracking device on a mobile phone was traced to one of the vehicles which was parked outside Lingwell Grove, Beeston. Police found the pair hiding in the attic of the property.

The offences, which took place on the night of December 15 and 16 last year, included a break-in at a doctor’s home on St John’s Court, Thorner. A patio door lock was forced before keys to a £15,000 VW Golf were taken.

The pair then targeted the home of an elderly couple on Richmond Field Lane, Barwick-in-Elmet, A Honda worth £5,500 was taken.

They then raided a family home on Dolphin Lane, Thorpe, as children were asleep inside the property. A VW Golf and a Honda were stolen. The vehicles were worth over £20,000.

Woodhouse and Lock both pleaded guilty to three offences of burglary and three of vehicle theft.

Woodhouse house asked for 20 further similar offences to be taken into consideration by the court.

Judge Geoffrey Marson, QC, said: “In one of the burglaries the householders were elderly and very ill in the case of one of them.

“In one of the other burglaries it is perfectly obvious that the psychological effect has been significant.”

The judge told Woodhouse: “Even though you are only 21, you are turning into a professional career burglar.

“The sentence I impose on you is intended to be a severe one to send out the message that burglars will not be tolerated.” He told Lock: “I am satisfied that you were led astray. But you were a willing participant in these offences.”